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We connect you to local contractors and handymen that are already working in your neighborhood it’s easy & fun!

Our service is making it’s way to your neighborhood soon! We are currently accepting homeowners and businesses in Metro-Detroit and Ann Arbor - we’ll take anyone really!


Why RegainGo? Glad you asked...


Contractors are working in your neighborhood every day. Now it’s super easy to find them...about time you learn who they are, what they do and utilize their awesome services!


It’s true, most people have different standards of work and quality. Determining a perfect contractor for your needs is hard, that’s why we make it easy, giving you access to all the information you need including pictures to make the right choices and land the best contractors!

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Word of mouth recommendations are hard to get from time to time, so ask! We make it easy to ask people you trust about the companies working in your area. Don’t forget to return the favor and recommend the companies you love to your friends, family and network - local business rocks!

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  • Virtual Yard Sign

    We have taken everyday yard signs and pumped it full of technology allowing your job site to be seen by thousands of homeowners.

  • Boring Directories - Old News!

    Start Showing the quality and more importantly the location of your work to homeowners giving your company instant credibility. Homeowners not only see your quality of work but can see that you have worked in their area before.

  • Easy Setup

    We have made it simple to take those wonderful photos you have of all of your work and turn them into yard signs that can become billboards advertising your work to the local community.

  • Reporting - coming soon!

    Advertise your company and your services and see the results. Know how many customers are looking at your yard signs, which yard signs are getting the most views and which ones the least views. These are just a few of the items that we report on, get to know your customers!

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